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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Employment Discrimination

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Employment Discrimination

First, you must look at your employer’s policy manual or employee handbook to determine if it has a policy prohibiting harassment and, if so, whether that policy includes a procedure for lodging complaints about harassment. If the policy includes such a procedure, you must comply with it, unless the procedure designates only the person harassing you as the person to bring your complaint to.

Importance of Documentation

Apart from this, you should document all incidents of harassment and communicate your request that the harassment end to both your boss and your human resources representative, both verbally and in a confirming writing (e-mail is fine).

By doing this, you provide yourself with legal protection against retaliation by your employer for raising the complaint of harassment and preserve your right to make a claim in court if the harassment continues.

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Document the request, go to your human resources representative and describe your concern, and ask for the opportunity to not have to meet your boss off-site. Do you best to provide reasonable justification for your concern and to provide alternatives to the need for off-site meetings.

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It may be, if your employer did not have a legitimate business reason for terminating you or if your employer treated you differently than other employees who were not in your protected category and who engaged in similar conduct.

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