Counsel to Consultants and Independent Contractors in West Chester, PA

In the current economy, the roles of business owners and employees overlap more and more. This is particularly so when employees branch out on their own or with others to work as consultants or as independent contractors.

At Kunkle and Sennett, we have represented many individuals who have embarked on this entrepreneurial path, advising them on matters covering the broad gamut of opportunities that they face, including:

  • Review and preparation of independent contractor or consulting agreements
  • Entity selection and formationlimited liability company, subchapter S corporation, sole proprietorship, or partnership
  • Review or preparation of master service agreements or extended relationship terms and conditions
  • Review or preparation of restrictive agreements and carve-out agreements
  • Bids for work/responses to requests for proposal
  • Misclassification of individuals as independent contractors in order to avoid liability for employment tax withholding, benefits, wage and hour requirements, or workers’ compensation or unemployment compensation coverage

It can be daunting to embark on the path of providing consulting or other services under the umbrella of your own business. It can also be tremendously rewarding, in terms of both autonomy and the opportunity for enhanced compensation.

Having legal counsel experienced in these matters is critical in order to maximize your chances for success and minimize your stress and distractions.

Contact Kunkle and Sennett If You Require Counsel Deeply Experienced in Representing Consultants and Independent Contractors

Contact Steve Kunkle if you would like to discuss your need for advice in any of the areas described above. Our goal is to provide superior legal representation to clients who have compelling and significant business opportunities. We do not seek to attract a high volume of clients, preferring instead to provide personalized attention and handle a manageable number of matters on behalf of clients who can benefit from our services.

We take the time to understand your particular circumstances and concerns, and we have the ability and knowledge to advise you how best to achieve your objectives.