Employment Counsel to Small Businesses in West Chester, PA

At Kunkle and Sennett, employment attorneys in West Chester, PA, we primarily represent primarily employees. However, our attorneys each began their practices at large urban law firms representing only employers. Over the years, our practice has evolved to provide legal counsel to the largely underserved employee segment in the suburbs or Philadelphia and beyond. 

We have been called upon over the years to represent many closely held (nonpublicly-traded) businesses. Where those opportunities have not presented a legal conflict and have meshed with our ethics, we have been honored to serve as business counsel. We believe that excellent representation should be available both to businesses and to employees, as our experience is that neither segment has a monopoly on worthy (or unworthy) legal positions.

We tend to focus our employer legal representation on “break-the-bank” types of legal matters. This refers primarily to matters that can go to the existential lifeline of the employer. These matters typically involve class-wide, or multiple plaintiff, types of situations that can have an overarching impact on the employers’ finances. Such matters can include:

  • Misclassification of employees as exempt from overtime or as independent contractors
  • Tolerance of sexually or racially hostile working environments
  • Tolerance of retaliatory managers who insulate corporate leadership from knowledge of employment law violations or vulnerabilities
  • Inadequate or inconsistently applied personnel policies, e.g., the failure to have an appropriate policy prohibiting sexual harassment and providing for unbiased internal investigation and reporting back of complaints without retaliation

We also work with employers in such areas as:

  • Preparation and negotiation of employment agreements
  • Severance negotiations and severance agreements
  • Hostile working environment claims and harassment investigations
  • Employee handbook drafting and review, and policy and procedure violations
  • Statutory requirements and avoidance of violations
  • Defense of unemployment compensation claims
  • Department of Labor audits regarding minimum wage or overtime payment
  • Human resources consulting
  • Enforcement of noncompete or nonsolicitation agreements
  • Protection from employee theft of intellectual property

Contact Kunkle and Sennett If Your Business Requires Seasoned Employment Law Counsel

Contact Steve Kunkle, attorney in West Chester, PA, if you would like to discuss your company’s need for any of the employment law services set described above. Our goal is to provide superior legal representation to clients who have compelling and significant legal problems. We do not seek to attract a high volume of clients, preferring instead to handle a manageable number of matters on behalf of clients who can benefit from our services.