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How much is my workers’ compensation case worth for settlement?

There are many factors that insurance companies consider in evaluating the settlement value of a workers’ compensation claim. In Pennsylvania, compensation is paid based on the employee’s pre-injury earnings. Therefore, a claim that produces a high-level loss of earnings is worth much more than a claim with a low-level loss of earnings.

There is no pain and suffering component to workers’ compensation benefits, so the severity of the injury only affects settlement value in so far as it impacts the employee’s loss of earnings. The insurance company does not care what impact the injury has on the life of the affected worker.

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Obviously, there are other factors besides pre-injury earnings that affect the projected loss of earnings, including the individual’s educational and vocational background, their training, other health issues, and their age. It is also important to understand how the insurance company evaluates its reserves on a claim (money set aside to cover their exposure) in order to come up with an appropriate settlement figure. At Kunkle and Sennett, your workers’ compensation attorney in West Chester, PA, we make sure you understand the entire settlement process, so you know that we are maximizing your recovery and structuring the best deal for your particular circumstance.

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