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I can’t work and I feel like I am letting down my family and even my employer. What should I do?

We all have to cope with stress to some extent. Usually, we can handle it, but sometimes as stress builds up, we have greater and greater difficulty with it until we don’t think we can take it anymore.

One of the most significant potential generators of stress that can happen to a wage earner is to suffer a disabling work injury. Any injury can be a source of stress, but when the injury is serious enough to take you out of work, what naturally follows is worry and anxiety. When you combine the burden of healing and recovery with losing your income stream and possibly losing your job, an injured worker may feel trapped and unable to cope.

Legal Counsel for Disability Benefits in West Chester

If someone is injured enough that they are disabled, they usually don’t need a lot of encouragement to seek medical care for their physical injury. However, many of my clients, burdened with the stress and anxiety of healing, losing money, and worrying about their job, are still reluctant to seek any medical help for the mental side of their injury. Many people feel that there is still a negative stigma attached to any type of psychological or psychiatric counseling, despite the legitimate high anxiety that comes from being physically injured and unable to work.

Obviously, each individual is different and will be affected differently, but don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor about worry and anxiety when you see them for your injury. Seek help when you need it.

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