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Tom Sennett

Tom Sennett has been handling workers’ compensation cases (and other matters) for more than 25 years. When he first began practicing, most of his work was on behalf of employers and insurance companies, so he knows how they think. He has special insight on how insurance companies approach workers’ compensation claims, the tactics they use to try to defeat valid claims, and the methods they use to intimidate injured workers. He now handles cases on behalf of injured workers and uses his inside knowledge and experience to win cases for his workers’ compensation clients.

He graduated from Cornell University in 1978 where he studied history, played rugby, and worked his way through school tending bar, where he would dispense not just drinks but advice. His studies included courses on the history of our great nation, and he was moved by the noble role our courts could play in protecting the rights of the less fortunate. He earned his law degree from Villanova University in 1982, where he was a member of the Moot Court Board and a proud member of the Garey Hall Rugby Club.

Tom has handled cases in Pennsylvania as far west as Pittsburgh, and still handles matters in State College, Harrisburg, Scranton, Allentown, Reading, and Lancaster, although most of his cases are in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties.

Tom is well known for his “house call” policy. Don’t worry if you can’t get to his office, he will come to you. Tom knows that any time you need to engage a lawyer, that alone is stressful, but on top of that, Tom often finds that the work injury makes it hard for the client to travel, and the client does not need the additional hardship of coming to an office when dealing with the already stressful issues of being out of work and in pain.

Tom no longer plays rugby, having hung up his cleats long ago.

I would recommend Steve to anyone seeking help with their employment issues

My experience working with Steve Kunkle was a very positive one at a very stressful period in my career. He was referred to me through a friend of a friend who knew of his excellent reputation for obtaining results for executives such as myself. He represented me in transitioning through the acquisition of my employer by a major regional financial institution, and ultimately ended up obtaining a very favorable result when it became clear that the new employer was not a good fit for my position as a senior executive there.
I'm not a litigious person, but found myself in a situation that I couldn't understand, and knew I needed professional help working through it.

I felt comfortable working with him almost immediately. We didn't spend a lot of time (and my money) talking about things that weren't relevant to my situation. It was very clear that he knew the laws and my rights.

While being supportive the whole time we worked together, he also wasn't going to back down on issues that he knew were being mishandled. He was able to go toe-to-toe with my employer and its legal counsel, a partner with a much larger regional firm, in representing me with regard to several very difficult issues. He knew what questions I needed to be asking as the situation progressed. By having these answers in writing, it was clear that my concerns were well founded. While it appeared that we might have to go to court, once that became obvious to my employer, they quickly recognized the issues and agreed with his position.

I would recommend Steve to anyone seeking help with their employment issues and to any employer who wants to be sure they are following the letter of the law. With the complicated laws and regulations we all must follow today, it makes sense to have a knowledgeable, friendly face in a difficult situation.

- Lynn M.

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