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I would recommend Steve to anyone seeking help with their employment issues

My experience working with Steve Kunkle was a very positive one at a very stressful period in my career. He was referred to me through a friend of a friend who knew of his excellent reputation for obtaining results for executives such as myself. He represented me in transitioning through the acquisition of my employer by a major regional financial institution, and ultimately ended up obtaining a very favorable result when it became clear that the new employer was not a good fit for my position as a senior executive there.
I'm not a litigious person, but found myself in a situation that I couldn't understand, and knew I needed professional help working through it.

I felt comfortable working with him almost immediately. We didn't spend a lot of time (and my money) talking about things that weren't relevant to my situation. It was very clear that he knew the laws and my rights.

While being supportive the whole time we worked together, he also wasn't going to back down on issues that he knew were being mishandled. He was able to go toe-to-toe with my employer and its legal counsel, a partner with a much larger regional firm, in representing me with regard to several very difficult issues. He knew what questions I needed to be asking as the situation progressed. By having these answers in writing, it was clear that my concerns were well founded. While it appeared that we might have to go to court, once that became obvious to my employer, they quickly recognized the issues and agreed with his position.

I would recommend Steve to anyone seeking help with their employment issues and to any employer who wants to be sure they are following the letter of the law. With the complicated laws and regulations we all must follow today, it makes sense to have a knowledgeable, friendly face in a difficult situation.

- Lynn M.

I have referred many of my friends and colleagues to Steve

Stephen Kunkle and his firm have been representing my company's interests since 2002. Steve is a trusted and highly respected partner for me and my senior management team and has provided us with invaluable representation and counsel in all areas of our business.

When our relationship with Steve began, we relied on him for guidance in matters that mostly related to our corporate structure, the drafting and review of contracts, and general business matters. As we've grown, from 4-6 employees in 2002 to over 100 employees operating in seven states in 2012, we quickly came to realize how invaluable Steve was to us. He was instrumental in our decision to make wholesale changes to our employment practices and our use of independent contractors. He assisted us in drafting our current Employee Manual, Employment Agreements, and all of the associated employment forms and documents we utilize to ensure compliance with state and federal employment laws. When needed, he has researched and enlisted out of state counsel on our behalf to ensure the company's interests remain protected in other parts of the country.

What I appreciate most about Steve's services is that he is able to not only provide sound, effective counsel in all areas of employment law, but he can also be an effective ally in matters where our business decisions are part and parcel to his legal advice. He has learned much about our business which enables him to provide practical, relevant advice on virtually any area of our company.

In closing, I have referred many of my friends and colleagues to Steve with the knowledge that they will be well represented and receive great legal advice.

- Steven M.

Patience, professionalism, kindness, sympathy and expertise

After I got hurt, I was receiving disability benefits from my employer, but not workers’ compensation benefits. Mr. Sennett and Mr. Kunkle sat down with me and showed me how my disability benefits could be taken away and why I needed to protect my future by getting workers’ compensation benefits. Sure enough, I lost my disability benefits, but because Mr. Sennett won my workers’ compensation case, I am able to get the Medical treatment I need and my comp benefits are paying my bills. I want to thank Kunkle and Sennett for their professionalism and patience dealing with my workers compensation, Social Security and long-term disability cases.

Tom and Steve handle the enormous task of litigating my cases with patience, professionalism, kindness, sympathy and expertise. Thanks again to Kunkle and Sennett for the knowledge they displayed throughout the litigation.

– Sharon G.

Tom's personal visit to my home showed me how much he cared about my case

When I was hurt, I couldn’t drive because of my injury. Mr. Sennett came to my home personally to review my case, even though I was already getting my benefits and he would not be getting a fee. He discovered that the record of my claim at the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation had not been filed properly by the insurance company, and he challenged the carrier and made sure my interests were protected. Tom's personal visit to my home showed me how much he cared about my case.

Mr. Sennett protected my benefits for years while I was under medical care. When my medical condition finally stabilized, he worked out a settlement that coordinated all my benefits- my disability insurance and my social security disability- for my maximum benefit. It was complicated but he took the time sit down with me and my family to make sure we understood all our options and why he recommended the form of settlement that he did.

- Tammy N.

Tom has helped me a couple times over the last few years

I was on light duty and my employer was pressuring me to sign some forms that I did not understand. Tom Sennett came to my house and sat down with my wife and me, reviewed my case and made sure my rights were protected. Tom didn’t even get a fee on this case because I was working and not collecting compensation. Tom has helped me a couple times over the last few years, even though he wasn’t getting a fee. He has been terrific, and I recommend him to anybody I know who has a workers’ comp problem or question.

- Don P.

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